Weaving technology is an art deeply imbedded in our everyday lives, born amidst day-to-day life and passed on to us. Weaving material has evolved with the times from silk cotton, silk and wool to artificial fiber, and on to materials on the forefront of chemistry.Our companyfs mesh filter is a textile product that also applies traditional technology with the latest materials. Mesh of exquisite texture produced through accumulated experience and technology as a specialist maker of unique industrial mesh widely contributes to the industrial world in such forms as filtration, oil refining and cleaning filters.High appraisals are also being gained for screen printing filters. For the petrochemical industry, artificial fiber industry, food engineering and more, please utilize our exceptionally durable and accurate filters for all fields of industry.
Mesh Filter Weave Categories
Mesh made by crossing vertical & horizontal strands over at fixed intervals. Used for such things as IC, all types of printing and general barrier filters.
Mesh made by crossing straight & horizontal strands in lots of 2. The weave texture is finer than plain weave, and it is used in dense barrier filters.
The mesh is woven into a mat. A fine mesh is produced despite the Strand diameter thickness. It is suitable for all types of barrier filters.
Mesh made by double weaving diagonally woven Dutch weave. The mesh is finer than plain Dutch weave, making it suitable for higher density barrier filters.