Extremely efficient electric precipitation units designed to
" save the environment of the 21st century"

Our company has pursued green environmental purification facilities over the years, culminating in the development of the electric precipitation device as the ultimate electric precipitation unit.

The "Osaka small-and-medium-sized-enterprises creation activity promoting method" authorization
"Under patent application" September, 1999


New Epoch Structure
The unit consists of multi-edged discharge electrodes surrounded by specially shaped collection poles. It has structured right-angle discharge & collection zones in relation to the processed gas stream that especially set it apart from standard electric precipitation devices.

(Patent pending)

New Epoch Characteristics
Collection Efficiency
We succeeded in an exponential increase in corona discharge of 10 to 30 times that of standard electric precipitation devices through the combination of a breakthrough discharge electrode shape and special collection pole. Collection of even micro particles has become possible as a result. Stable high-efficiency is further achieved by preventing short path of the processed gas which markedly effects collection performance.
Space Saving
Abridgement of loading duration is made possible through increased corona discharge. The device capacity is now around 1/3 that of standard electric precipitation devices. Only approximately half the space used for a bag filter collection device is necessary.
Low Cost
A low cost device based on thorough pursuit of economic efficiency. Running cost has also been substantially lowered compared with standard devices.
Easy Maintenance
Operation and cleaning are both easily performed with internal maintenance space sufficiently secured.
Thorough Service
We offer the perfect dust, mist or fume equipment measures through the combination of dry type, wet type, vertical type, horizontal type and more.